Legion Raiding

Legion Raiding  


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17/02/2018 11:37 pm  

We know that it is very late in the game but we are trying to get our raid group going. We are NOT an uptight raiding guild. I have been there, and done that. No thank you! We want to get together as a group and raid. It is fun. It is fun ONLY when you have a group of people whose objective is to have FUN! That is the sole reason we want to raid: we enjoy it and we want to have fun. That being said, we do not mind having those on the raid group who have never raided. As long as you listen to the raid leader and follow instructions, things are fine.

We had a meeting scheduled tonight (2/17/18) for those who had indicated they wanted to raid. More than half of the people didn't show up. Although this is very disappointing, we are going to try again. If you are interested in raiding, please reply to this forum. Or see one of the officers in game. We need to get a list together and get in there for Legion raiding!!! yay!!!

We will post when the next meeting will be about raiding.

If you have any questions, please post them or ask in game.


Officer Twigget


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