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Below are the necessary step-by-step instructions for setting up the TeamSpeak 3 client so that you can connect to the server used by Wicked and Twizted.

Step one - download teamspeak 3
Download the TS3 client, not the server. The client comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It also comes pre-packaged in a selection of specific installer packages for the various types of OS's. Typically most computers have Windows 64-bit edition installed. If you are unsure of what client you should install, verify what OS you have installed on your computer by checking the documentation that came with your computer. 

Step two - install teamspeak 3
Run the installer that you've downloaded. The default options are fine and work for most people.

Step three - run teamspeak 3
Start TeamSpeak 3 by locating the shortcut labeled 'TeamSpeak 3 Client' that was added to your desktop and double clicking it.

Step four - follow the quick-start wizard
The program will start up with a quick-start wizard that will ask about some basic preferences. Once you've finish configuring your preferences via the quick-start wizard the program will close out the wizard revealing the main interface for TS3.

Step five - manually set push-to-talk
There may still be a bug in the quick-start wizard in some of the beta versions of TS3. If you've used the quick-start wizard to configure the client for push-to-talk, then you may need to manually set it again because the wizard doesn't always do this for you as it should. To do this, click on the 'Settings' menu and select 'Options'. Select the 'Capture' icon in the list to the left side of the 'Options' window. In here are the push-to-talk options that you will need to manually set (you can not talk on the Wicked and Twizted server while set to voice-activated). Click 'OK' when you are done configuring your push-to-talk settings.

Step six - edit your bookmarks
TS3 uses a feature known as Bookmarks for maintaining various server connections. Access the 'Bookmarks' window by clicking on the 'Bookmarks' option in the 'Bookmarks' menu (Bookmarks > Bookmarks), or by pressing Ctrl+B on the keyboard.

Step seven - add a bookmark
Click the 'Add Bookmark' button to create a new bookmark. You will notice a new item labeled 'New Server' has appeared in the list of bookmarks.

Step eight - set the server information
You will be able to configure the new bookmark by selecting it and editing the fields located at the bottom of window. Fill in the details to the new bookmark with the information for the Wicked and Twiztted guild TeamSpeak 3 server. The server information is a follows: teamspeak.wickedandtwizted.info and nothing else. There is no password as the server is permission based. When you log in, you will be in the waiting room where you will have to patiently wait for someone to move you out of the waiting room.

Step nine - save your changes
Click 'OK' when you are finished with creating your new bookmark.

Step ten - connect to the server
Connect to the server by opening the 'Bookmarks' menu and selecting the bookmark labeled 'Wicked and Twizted'. At this point you should be connected to the Wicked and Twizted TS3 server. Please wait patiently in the waiting area for someone to move you to the appropriate channel. Providing that you have speakers and a microphone setup on your computer (and you are set to use a push-to-talk button) you should be able to start using TS3.


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